Holy Trinity Geez Rite Catholic Community

The Holy Trinity Catholic Geez Rite Community is composed of Catholic faithful and their families who wish to participate in the various Church functions in the Geez Rite as well as in Catholic religious education.  The main goal of the members is to practice the Catholic faith in its fullness (including language and tradition), while enjoying the Rite of their choice:  the Geez Rite, and pass it on to the new generations.

Mass Time:

Every Sunday: 4pm-6pm


Geez Rite:
A rite is a way of cultural mode of celebrating or expressing one’s faith liturgically. In the Catholic Church, liturgical rite is divided into two major ones that are: Latin Rite and Eastern Rites. Latin Rite, which is also known as Roman Rite, is generally used in the Western Church.  The Orthodox Eastern Rites are based on cultural and linguistic mode of those individual churches in the east.  A rite usually takes its identity and name from a place or country, language and/or ethnic group. Geez Rite is one of the Eastern Rites practiced mainly in Ethiopia and Eritrea.


Geez is an ancient South Semitic Language that originated in Eritrea and the northern region of Ethiopia in the Horn of Africa. The Geez Rite remains today the main language used in the Liturgy of few Churches in the Orthodox Eastern Rites.

Our Mission:

As sharers in the mission of Jesus Christ, we are committed to spreading the Gospel and building up the Kingdom of God in our homes, in our Church, and in the communities in which we live, while preserving our unique Geez Rite tradition.